Wildlife and New Dirt!

Update on the Property, courtesy of Ken Barker



It is always good to see wildlife thriving at the property.  They are not always easy to photograph.  Swallows and dragonflies tease me by flitting past so quick that I have been unable to capture an image.  Someday!
Cooperation has been paying off.  Madison High School has been working on rebuilding their football field.  This required digging out a lot of dirt.  They needed some place to dump the dirt.  We just happen to need some dirt to add to our surcharge for the Siskiyou Householder Refuge (HHR) area.  We were able to have the dirt tested to make sure it qualified for our needs.  It did and we have accepted around 12,000 cubic yards of Madison High’s dirt.

This meant a short haul for the trucks taking dirt out of the Madison High football field.  That saved them money on a longer haul and paying some place to dump the dirt.  It saved us money by not having to pay for hauling or for the tested dirt.  This cooperation worked out for the good for both Madison High and the HHR.
Preparations were made to accept the dirt.  It will be added to the current surcharge which was moved from the Sodo to the HHR area.  This additional dirt gives us enough to complete all the surcharging on site.  By fall the current surcharge will be moved to the other building sites of the HHR.  All of this dirt will eventually be used on site.
Another cooperation that works is with Friends of Trees.  This group planted a lot of trees in the south end of the property and in the ravine.  We have had a dry and relatively hot summer.  For those of you out of town, don’t let it get out that Portland is having a beautiful summer.  Remember, it rains all the time here!  All these small trees were in need of water.
Friends of Trees brought their water truck.  Not only that, but they brought a weed eater and hand clippers to clear encroaching blackberries.  They cleared around all those trees.  They also worked in the orchard area clearing and watering.
Friends of Trees came equipped with enough watering hose to reach from the upper rim to the furtherest corner of the property.
Once the hoses were strung out down the hill and the pump was running, the meticulous task of watering each tree began.  It took hours!  Friends of Trees has been planting and nurturing trees in Portland for 25 years.  We are grateful for their help in keeping these young trees going.  They expect to make additional watering trips to the property.
While we wait for the orchard trees that we planted to produce, there are already blackberries and plums on site.  There are small red plums which are tart and make good jam and cobbler.  These golden plums aren’t ripe yet, but promise to be useful as well.


19 JulySaturday 2 p.m. until 3 p.m.  Garden Team Meeting.  This will be at the south end of the gravel road on NE 85th Avenue.  The gate will be open—parking on the gravel road inside the gate.  This meeting will plan garden spaces.  Involved are Dharma Rain Zen Center (DRZC), HHR and Madison High School.
20 JulySunday 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.  HHR Monthly Meeting.  One piece of business will be discussed—consensus on Restorative Circles.  The remainder of the time will be a picnic at the canopy on site.  Same parking and location as the Garden Team Meeting above.
21 JulyMonday 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.  Membership and Governance Team Meeting.  This will be at Jeff’s and Ken’s.  Parking on the street.  Tea and dessert will be provided.
23 JulyWednesday
24 JulyThursday 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  These two days will be special work parties for the garden area.  The aim will be to move the soil that has been piled, lay out beds and prepare for planting.
2 AugustSaturday  10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Regular Work Practice at NE 85th Avenue and NE Siskiyou Street.  Parking inside the gate on the gravel road.  Lunch will be provided.
12 AugustTuesday 5 p.m. until 17 AugustSunday.  Genzo-e Summer Retreat.  This will be the first retreat on the new property for DRZC.
17 AugustSunday 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.  HHR Monthly Meeting.  Details and location to be available soon.  Potluck usually follows the business meeting.
21 AugustThursday 5 p.m. through 24 AugustSunday.  Cultivating the Way Retreat—Empty Field Zendo.
30 AugustSaturday 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Work Practice at NE 85th Avenue and NE Siskiyou Street.  Parking inside the gate on the gravel road.  Lunch will be provided.




Enjoy the “Relaxed Summer Schedule”!

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