We Have Permits!

Work Starts in Earnest on the Sodo

With work permits in hand, heavy equipment is again working the property on infrastructure as well as the Sodo. Here are some early photos, click on any one of them for a larger view:


This will be the wheelchair ramp into our new Zendo/Sodo! It has a firm gravel underpinning.




The wheelchair ramp was graded before the gravel was placed.



Here you can see the laser level used to get the wheelchair ramp perfectly sited.



This is where the wheelchair ramp will meet the engawa, the covered porch that completely surrounds the Zendo/Sodo.



We have begun serious work on the public right-of-way path that will connect 82nd Ave. with Russell Place. A dozer cleared the path to 82nd, and trucks are hauling in gravel.



The concrete vault covering the now-underground methane pipes got its cap today.



The cap has an oversized manhole with huge cover. This will be in the entry driveway to the property.