Thank You!

We rely on the generosity of volunteers who do all kinds of work at the temple, as well as all of us continuing to pay pledges faithfully, in order both to keep our programs running and to make improvements to the buildings and grounds. In addition, special people sometimes bring offerings to the kitchen. Here’s a partial list of these over the last several months:

  • T’suho – apples
  • Joel – apples, kiwi
  • Zoki – cookies
  • Sue – cakes
  • Mia – cookies
  • Kate – cookies
  • Nancy – cookies, bread, etc.
  • Jeff & Ken – pumpkin
  • Seido – produce
  • San – pears
  • Karen C – cookies
  • Susana – cookies
  • Hisako – many sweets
  • Marilyn – banana bread, jam
  • Eishin – tea
  • Jonathan – eggs
  • Natalie – cupcakes
  • Nathan – bread
  • Ota Tofu – tofu

All of this bounty is much appreciated by both residents and guests!

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