Talent Show a Huge Success

p0910-karenhoward-900About 60 people turned out to view the Not-Necessarily-Talented-Show on Saturday, September 10. The show didn’t live up to its name, as almost all of the acts displayed plenty of talent.

The first half was various acts by several people. Karen Howard performed two dances that were mesmerizing.

p0910-scarecrow-900The second half was the surprise production of The Wizard of Oz by the Tiny Mind Theatre, performed in 30 minutes. Several sangha members participated, amid much hilarity. Ko’in was the scarecrow, while Sekishin played Dorothy and Hoka brought the Wizard to life.

p0910-dorothy-toto-wiz-900The many set changes, costumes and props were as entertaining as the play itself. And then there was the program – creatively put together by our own Jiko, who is missing a bet if she doesn’t write fiction. Everyone got a nickname and a somewhat startling bio.

After the play, Terry regaled us with dance music that got everyone up, as we began to clean up the confetti, straw, and other detritus from the play.

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