Taking Advantage of the May Sit

Zendo in morning light.

Zendo in morning light.

The May Sit is in full swing, and we are settling in to it. One person created a one-day retreat, sitting in the zendo, eating three meals, and ending with formal tea at 9pm. Another person created a week-long retreat, staying overnights, eating meals, and participating in various ways during the week. Two people come every morning for sitting and service (as they do most of the time) before work. Other people come by for an hour or three at various times during some days. Several senior members sign up with the shuso to staff for a few hours when they can. And a trickle of people from the neighborhood, or from the old neighborhood, or who have just heard about this place or found it on the Internet, come and ask questions and sit for an hour.

There are many ways to take advantage of this unique opportunity of an open zendo for fifteen and a half hours each day for 31 days. What way works best for you?

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