New Corn Crop

Painted Mountain corn was developed by Dave Christensen in the 1970s to withstand the cold temperatures and arid soil of Montana. It was created by open pollinating up to 70 different varieties of ancient corn from northern tribes of Native Americans (particularly the Mandans) and also heirloom stock from the homesteaders of the plains. For this reason, it is genetically diverse and varied in appearance. It is also tough, nutritious and fast growing. Hanshin grew this corn and only watered it six times.

It will be ready to harvest in mid-September and then taken to the Dharma school kids to be shucked. Once it is truly dry, Hanshin will enjoy the company of any volunteer who wants to assist him in use a crank operated corn shelling machine. It will be a pleasant way to spend a sunny hour in early October. If anyone wants to help make it into hominy and cornmeal, please let him know. You can look forward to seeing this corn decorate the soto, your bowl at lunch, and also the cookie plate on Sunday. Enjoy the harvest; it’s September.

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