Successful Fundraiser!

A wonderful time was had by all at our summer party on August 4. Croquet, cornhole, competitive oryoki, and a bounce house were some of the entertainment that kept everyone happy during an afternoon of perfect weather. Gyokuko is shown rallying the troops when we were about 2/3 to our goal, as shown by the lovely graphic behind her. She took her check to the donation table, and others continued to pitch in, until we made our goal of $20,000 and a little more. Ticket sales covered the cash costs of the event, which also included lots of wonderful food, both catered and home-made. Something on the order of 100 people came to participate in this very successful event. Many thanks to everyone who helped prepare for this, and also to all who participated by bringing yourselves and your good energy to the day. And of course, to all who contributed monetarily so we could reach our goal and balance our operating budget for the year.

Wednesday Work Parties

We have regular Wednesday work parties from around 9am to 3:30pm. There is plenty of work for people to do, inside and outside, light and heavy. Come for as much or as little of the time as you wish. We have tools and gloves, but if you have your own, feel free to bring them. If you are around at 12:30pm, we feed you lunch.

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