Siskiyou Updates

planterboxThe plastic cover was laid out to cover the planter box just inside the gate on NE 85th. Then concrete was poured into the bottom of it. Storm water from the oak savannah and from the roadway will be directed into this concrete catchment. From the planter box, storm water will be allowed to settle before draining into the teal-colored pipes that will take the water down to the raving and eventually to the dry wells on the southeast corner of the property.

Concrete was also poured into the curb forms. Friday afternoon the forms were removed and we now have the bottom of the planter box and curbs on the east side of the roadway. The plan is to have no curbs on the west side. Early next week the roadway will be brought to the proper level and will be ready for paving, which is scheduled.

The work of peal-n-stick covering of the Sodo roof began again Friday afternoon. It is expected that the crew will continue working on the roof on Saturday. By the middle of next week, the metal roof could be finished.

Doors and windows for the Sodo are on site and will be installed. This will give a complete shell for the building. Then interior work can be done without having to deal with rain and wet floors.

Additional site work will continue. By the end of this month, electrical work can begin. There are plans to bring a larger construction trailer to replace the smaller one that has been used. This will give more space for storage and work. The construction shipping container will be removed as soon as the windows are taken out of it to be installed in the Sodo.

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