Siskiyou Update

1 SurveyThe property has been quiet during December, as the land becomes wetter and colder, resting for the winter. At a little over a year since we bought the property, the changes are apparent and dramatic. There is a road. There are piles of dirt and wood chips, along with silt fencing, where there were no piles before. Much of the blackberries, scotch broom, and ivy are gone, making the whole aspect much more open. Many trees and shrubs have been planted (with plans for many more in January and February).

The next work practice day is coming up Saturday, January 18. We will be planting and doing site maintenance work. All are welcome to join us.

During this winter time, thoughts are turning to preparing for the move. Packing has begun, we’ve rented a long-term storage unit, and we are looking at our schedule and events with an eye to planning as smooth a transition as possible.

In that vein, we are looking for help in packing, moving, and cleaning the Sangha House, which we are vacating. If you have an hour or more to spare in helping with this, please contact us.

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