Siskiyou Update 10/16/2014

sheathing-going-upThe roof sheathing is well underway as of this morning. Soon the inside of the Sodo will be protected from the rain.

moving-gravelThe last of the below-ground pipe systems has been completed. The sewer line is installed and has been buried. It runs from the Sodo to the pump station and on to a connection with the main sewer line. That connection will be made once the Siskiyou street improvements are underway. This week trenches and pipes have been installed for electrical and Internet conduits. There is also significant work on the street inside the gate on 85th. Gravel is being moved to bring the parking spaces and the street up to the proper level.

The trail from 82nd behind the Asian-American Market is an alternative way to reach the property, especially if the gate at 85th is locked. This is a walking trail. Please don’t park in the parking lot at the Asian-American Market. There is parking across 82nd by the park.

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