Segaki Festival

Segaki altar closeupThe Segaki Festival is for “feeding the hungry ghosts,” all those beings desperate for the truth but unable to accept the teaching they need. We set up an altar for their benefit, laden with food but with no Buddha or Bodhisattva images nearby, representing the compassionate giving of truth without doctrine. We focus on cleansing karma and releasing attachments to the past, including those who have died.

The annual retreat centered on the Festival of Segaki began Friday, October 24 and continued through Segaki Toro on the evening of Sunday, October 26. This retreat was in our traditional style, incorporating zazen, chanting, sanzen, work and formal meals. However, the venue(s) were different, with much of the retreat in the Siskiyou House, 3105 NE 84th, meals at the 85th house, and ceremonies in the Sodo, 8500 NE Siskiyou).

See above related article for how it went.

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