Prison News

From eastern Oregon, comes this news from Mugaku, who works with two prison groups there, Two Rivers Correctional Institution (TRCI) in Umatilla, and Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI) in Pendleton. Mugaku is wearing an orange shirt in these pictures.
Hi everybody, this is the first picture of our TRCI group I have ever seen. All of the folks in this picture have signed a release. Nice group, eh? I love these guys.

trci-altar-supplies1-940The International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) Prison Program from San Diego offered their services to TRCI, who put them in contact with me, and they have provided much of what you see at the altar, including chant books and library of dharma books. As a result, I no longer bring the altar with me each week, but continue to supply incense, candles with vessels, water pitcher and bowl.

The center altar cloth is from Chaplain Karuna Thompson who visited our sangha several times, sharing her teachings over the past year.

The year has been rich in a deepening practice with the men. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice with them. We begin our study of the precepts early in the new year in preparation for DRZC’s Jukai at TRCI and EOCI in the spring.

Bows to all, Mugaku