Plants Flowering at Siskiyou

Blooming, Fruiting, and Leafing

It’s lovely to watch the property come to life as summer develops, including many edibles.

The property is offering free fruit and vegetables. Besides the many blackberries and wild plums, lamb’s quarter is showing up wherever there is disturbed earth. The blackberries are ripening early and the wild plums are so prolific that one of them broke under the weight. Check out this article to find out more about lamb’s quarter, or just show up and harvest some for yourself. (We will help you identify it).





On another beautiful summer day, Gyokuko found this, when she thinks is Farewell to Spring. I think we are way past spring.


This one is Potentilla fruticosa commonly known as Shrubby Cinquefoil. Planted in the Oak Savannah, it is doing well.