Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

212-kitchen-floorYesterday’s work party saw the kitchen floor and other areas in the Sodo painted. Most of the Sodo floor has now been painted, so we can more easily keep it clean and don’t have to put rugs down on dusty bare wood.

See the photo of the sanzen room inside the Sodo. Volunteers sheet-rocked the walls and ceiling, and also painted the floor. Other work yesterday included more planting and landscaping as well as work on the grease trap. The volunteer work has been a huge part of the progress we have made on developing the property. Finishing what we have started depends on funds coming in.
We have work parties every Wednesday on the property from about 9:30am to about 3:30pm. Come in the gate at NE 85th and Siskiyou and look for people out toward the Sodo. We break for mid-day zazen from 11:30am to 12:30pm at Uji on the property, and lunch at 12:30pm at the 85th house (3155 NE 85th, a block from the main gate).