Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

P0707-mailbox-900At long last, we now have our own mailbox on the property and have notified the post office to begin delivering and picking up mail from that box. We are beginning the process of updating our stationery and web site so that mail can come directly to us on the property. We will likely keep the PO Box for a little longer, but please make this change in your contacts. Our new address is 8500 NE Siskiyou St, Portland, OR 97220.

P0706-MK-roofingOur old friend MK (formerly known as Zach Knight and then Tsukan) showed up to visit for a few days this week. He’s working on a roof for the grease trap located in front of the Sodo. He now lives in Japan, at Antaiji monastery, as an ordained monk.

Regular Wednesday work parties are a great way to spend time with sangha doing useful things on the property. There are plenty of tasks for everyone who shows up between 9:30-3pm. If you are around for lunch time (12:30pm), you get lunch for free.