Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

Robert Archer demonstrates Kyudo

Robert Archer demonstrates Kyudo

Among the many wonderful dharma events we’ve been enjoying this month was Robert Archer’s presentation of a particularly Japanese style of archery that is based in meditation. He set up his target in the zendo, and began with two slow, formal shots from about where he is standing in the photo, proceeded to some discussion and explanation, answering questions and passing around the bow for people to look at, and ended with two more mindful shots.

P0519-geomat1-900Even though the Sodo is “finished,” and we are pausing to sit still and enjoy the beauty of the building and grounds, there is still some work going on. The geo-mats for the eventual residence dorms is being finished this week. The installation of the doors dividing spaces in the Sodo is being finished. The new street trees along Siskiyou Street are now in place.

Wednesday work parties are suspended during the month of May because of the May Sit. Do feel free to join us for morning programs and silent sitting all day.

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