Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

P2016-0120-newfence&trees-600The MLK Day of Service on Monday was a huge success. As promised, about 100 PCC students showed up to work on the property. They planted trees and shrubs, spread gravel, and helped with the new fence. This fence, along Siskiyou Street, is required by the City, and is designed to prevent people from falling into the ravine and also dumping things like shopping carts. We talked the City into this more attractive fence, rather than the originally-recommended chain link. The photo shows a section of the fence and also a couple of the new trees. There are many more spread out over the property.
Work on the courtyard began in earnest this last week. Forms have been set for pouring concrete. The plan for the courtyard isn’t just for concrete, though. There are sections of gravel, pavers, and rocks set into the concrete at specific places. The plan is likely to be modified slightly from what is shown below.
There is caution tape strewn all over the place, as the courtyard area is very hazardous, especially in the dark. So please do go around on the sidewalk to the back (south) side Tenzo entrance, where there are steps, a completed deck, and door that works.
C:UsersMichael HowellsDocumentsSITEPLAN3.pdf

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