Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

P1212-frontofzendo-1200Last week was Rohatsu Sesshin, our longest, deepest retreat of the year. We had 30-40 people at most meals, and often 40-50 in the evenings in the Sodo at zazen. Several people stayed overnight on the floor in the two houses, some stayed in nearby hotels, and three people stayed in trailers parked beside Uji.

P1213-dininghall-1200It was wonderful to practice this sesshin in our new space. The building is not completed, but having heat, lights, bathrooms, and a dining room able to accommodate everyone, were deeply satisfying. Many bows of gratitude to everyone who has contributed to make it possible.

Gyos-40th-2-600Last Sunday, December 13, Kakumyo surprised Gyokuko with a party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her ordination. Sokyo presented her with a khata (white silk scarf) and a book put together by her disciples, with photos and letters from many over the years. Then we celebrated with cake and cookies, and Zenkyo presented her with a beautiful Jizo painting on a scroll.

Wednesday, December 16, Friends of Trees came back to Siskiyou Square to finish the tree planting they weren’t able to complete last month because of continuing work on sidewalks. The sidewalks on Siskiyou Street are now complete, and all but five of the trees have now been planted.

P1216-Ikuo&Taian-kitchensteps2The regular Wednesday work party spent time on the engawa, and especially Ikuo and Tai’an worked on prepping for the steps leading to the kitchen.

Note: Siskiyou Street is now OPEN. All the barricades have been removed, and you can drive in and park on the property.

There are no more Wednesday work parties until January.

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