Planting Zen in Siskiyou Square

79clearedswathAt long last, the work to widen Siskiyou Street between 84th and NE Fremont has begun. Plans were submitted over two years ago, and we’re just now finally, fully checked off and cleared for takeoff. Yesterday the fence and vegetation along the street was removed, and it looks very different now. That stretch of Siskiyou will be intermittently available for several months while utility, paving, and sidewalk work is done. We will keep the sangha updated about access to the site. The plan is to have access on weekends, including Sundays, though there may be interruptions.

90purpleflowerbeeThe native plants that we have planted on the property have been very attractive to birds and pollinators. Bees seem to especially like purple flowers, but busily work all of the many kinds of yellow flowers as well. The yellow ones pictured are wide open in the mornings and sometimes evenings, but shut up tight during the brightness of full sun.

We have work parties most Wednesdays from about 9:30am to about 3:30pm. Come in the gate at NE 85th and Siskiyou and look for people out toward the Sodo. We break for lunch at noon at the 85th house (3155 NE 85th, a block from the main gate). And remember the special work party this Saturday to build a playground for the preschool.

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