November Council Summaries

This is a summary describing the month’s work of the temple’s three major decision-making bodies. A governance notebook with approved minutes is filed in the temple office. A list of current Council members and areas of concern, individual charges to leadership and temple job positions are listed on the temple website.

The Intercouncil Mandala Review Committee (ICMRC) met and discussed plans to review the Mandala Model to ensure that the whole and its parts continue to meet the primary purpose.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors met October 30, 2014, with a quorum present. No member concerns were presented.

Property. DRZC has paid off the escrow company with the Semble loan funds. We are awaiting confirmation from the county that title has been transferred to DRZC.

The New Market Tax Credit Program is looking less likely for our project this year. We will know for sure in January. If we are not chosen, we will reapply for 2015, presenting a larger plan that includes parts of the Householder Refuge (HHR), for example the common house.

Permits. No changes in permits status. To move forward, we are reaching out for support on the City Council level via phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

Construction. We are starting to close up shop, partly because the rains are slowing down work on the site. We expect to complete the envelope of the Sodo including the roof, skylights, windows and doors. We are changing focus to getting the Sodo functional in the shortest possible time. It is being built as designed with excellent quality bones and envelope. Electric can go in soon. 85% of the onsite infrastructure is in place and the rest awaits sewer and water.

The Siskiyou Street improvements are in a separate budget and sewer and water are dependent on the street improvements. The HHR has enough money to finish its infrastructure and conversations are in progress with a possible loan guarantor for a construction loan and possibly a bridge loan. The cohousing plans are ready for permitting after the accessory building permits are approved.

Cash flow is an issue. We are ok for now and through the next few months. Pressure will build for increased activity on the Lotus Blooming fundraising. The rental costs of two houses, Jason Lee use and office space at the restaurant are a problem. Bringing in the duplexes as a remedy would be a significant expense in time and money. Finishing the workshop would only provide us with storage space. We have been exploring bringing the already purchased portable building onto the property and sharing office space with B&G Builders. The site would be located between the pond and the north bioswale on the east side of the gravel road. After discussing the risks and liabilities of this plan the Board authorized the Project Manager to move ahead with bringing in the portable office building.

The pathway through the property has become a thorny issue as it involves several government agencies and other interested parties, each having different budgets and operating agreements. The Project Manager will make another report in a few weeks.

Insurance. After much discussion, the Board decided to purchase new policies for Directors and Officers and Key Persons (for the Project Manager.)

Election Committee. The ballots will be counted December 1st.

Dharma Council

The Dharma Council met November 13th. No member concerns were presented. The Mandala Review Committee has targeted January 2015 for beginning the review of the Mandala Model.

Elections. They are completed with some technical issues and questions about name familiarity. We will use full names in the future. Eight comments saying “thank you” were received and one question: “how often are the appointed members changed out and by whom? the abbot? The board?” An answer was made to the disciple list.

Review of Strategic Plan Action Items

  • Consider opportunities for integrating children and young adults. An adult member of Dharma Garden and a young adult will be recruited for exploring and designing a response.
  • Expand Outreach Team focus: We’re doing a good deal of visibility building.
  • Find deliberate and transparent ways to honor and support non-instructional leadership and teaching outside the classroom: The new Leadership Development Team is meeting this goal.

Other Ongoing/Tabled Items

  • Review of Liturgy changes Policy: a new workgroup to reconstruct this is needed. Discuss further in January 2015.
  • Related Groups liaison – The Mandala Council will be asked to seek a Lay Disciple, sharing the job description and past reports. A meeting will be organized for the groups sometime spring 2015.
  • Mandala Model Review – Two DC representatives will participate.

Calendared Items in Place

  • 2015 Seminary: Spring – Issues of Leadership. Fall – Major Sutra – Lotus Sutra
  • 2015 Wednesdays: January, Hidden Lamp, 4 classes. February-March – Precepts. Spring – Daily Scriptures. Fall – Introductory Class.
  • Fall 2015 – Taking Your Seat
  • 2016 Seminary: Spring – History through Texts. Fall – General Studies: Buddhist View of the Body.

Mandala Council

The Mandala Council met on November 16th. Each family representative gave an update of family status. We discussed re-purposing the Volgistic license to use generic credential so that all family members can use the tool. Decision is deferred.

We discussed communication, especially with new members, about the work and mission of the MC. A post-able one-page flyer will be designed and two bulletin boards will be prepared for Wednesday and Sunday.

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