Moving Day!

Dharma Rain and Portland Friends of the Dhamma (PFoD) folks gather together for our mutual Move Out – Move In Day. Though moving of House and Zendo has been going on for quite some time now, this Sunday, June 8, is the final move-out from the Zendo. We will all work together to get everything that belongs to Dharma Rain out of the Zendo and into waiting vehicles for transport. This will include zabutons and zafus and benches, likely some boxes, and whatever else is left.

Join us this Sunday, June 8, for Moving Work Practice – wear work clothes, not robes. Here’s the tentative schedule:

8:30am – Move Dharma Rain Out
10:00am – Short Ceremony of Handing Over the Keys
10:20am – Move PFoD In, empty their POD
11:30am – Inter-sangha Potluck Lunch

Members from both sanghas bring morning offerings such as fruit, bagels, breakfast rolls. PFoD will supply Tea and Coffee and all the necessary plates and accouterments necessary. Folks are welcome to pack, load, eat, drink and be merry as they wish. At 11:30, we will break for a potluck lunch. Please note that we no longer have serving bowls or utensils in the Zendo kitchen, so keep your offering simple and/or self-contained.

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