Lotus Blooming: Why Does It Matter?

While Lotus Blooming – our fundraising campaign to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square – is about money, our vision and aspiration for Siskiyou Square is about the Dharma. So, why does Lotus Blooming matter?

photo-KoshinThomas Koshin Bruner has made a three-year pledge of $10,000 to Lotus Blooming.

He says: “Dharma Rain Zen Center has changed my life. I originally came here 12 years ago to check off the empty ‘spiritual’ box in what I considered to be an otherwise good and full life. Over time, that artificial boundary between practice and life faded. I am deeply grateful to this temple for being the vessel through which I found the dharma. I want Dharma Rain to be strong, vibrant and accessible for future generations of way-seekers, like it was for me.”
– Thomas Koshin Bruner, Postulant and Lotus Blooming Donor

We are at 60% of our $1 million goal for Lotus Blooming Phase 1. Over half of our sangha has donated so far. Our goal and need remains 100% participation. Please join us today by making a gift or multi-year pledge here.