Lotus Blooming: Why Does It Matter?

While Lotus Blooming – our fundraising campaign to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square – is about money, our vision and aspiration for Siskiyou Square is about the Dharma. So, why does Lotus Blooming matter?

photo-Choten“About 17 years ago I came to Dharma Rain Zen Center for the first time. I followed a friend here for an “Intro to Zen Meditation” workshop and said I’d never return-except I came again the very next morning. Today, practice is inseparable from my daily life and informs me even when I’m far away from the temple and sangha. I am deeply grateful to the teachers, teachings, and community, and, above all, I want to see this triple treasure remain strong and available to others for many generations to come.”
– David Choten Robinson, Lay Disciple and Lotus Blooming Donor, who has made a $3,000 three-year pledge to Lotus Blooming.

We are at 60% of our $1 million goal for Lotus Blooming Phase 1. Over half of our sangha has donated so far. Our goal and need remains 100% participation. Please join us today by making a gift or multi-year pledge here.

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