Lotus Blooming: Impact of Multi-Year Pledges

With gifts and pledges ranging from $100 to $100,000, the generosity of Sangha members is fueling Lotus Blooming – our campaign to Plant Zen in Siskiyou Square. Half of us have contributed thus far, and our goal remains 100% Sangha participation.

Many of us have opted to donate by making a multi-year pledge. Multi-year pledges allow us to be able to make larger contributions to the project. Automatic bank account or credit card drafts make monthly or quarterly payments easy.

Genko Rainwater
Genko Rainwater
Genko Rainwater has pledged $100 a month – a $3,600 Lotus Blooming gift over three years.

Below are examples of the impact a three-year pledge of $100, $75 or $50 a month can have:

  • $100 a month x 36 months = $3,600
  • $75 a month x 36 months = $2,700
  • $50 a month x 36 months = $1,800

Help us reach our Phase 1 goal of $1 million by making a multi-year pledge today here.