Letter to the Sangha from Scott Teijin Grim, Chair of Dharma Rain Board of Directors

As you know, the Board of Directors voted to pay down some of the costs of developing our new property by selling the zendo and Dharma House earlier than we had originally anticipated. While this is still our plan, it’s undergoing modification as we bow to circumstance.

Our plan was to obtain the required permits from the city this summer, then start on roads and utilities, and have portable buildings on site for move-in by January. None of us are particularly surprised however, that the permits are taking longer than we’d hoped. It looks like construction might be delayed to the point that the rainy season could stop progress before it really gets started. In addition, while there has been considerable interest in the Dharma House, waiting until January for possession makes owner occupant mortgages hard to obtain. Offering it closer to the time when we move is a big advantage. So rather than getting caught in the rain with the ground work unfinished, we’ve decided to delay major construction for a few months and change the start of our big move to next June. This still gives us the financial benefits of moving early but helps prevent our getting caught without a place to call home due to construction delays. We’ll also take the Dharma House off the market for the time being, probably re-listing it early next year. The Zendo will remain on the market but any possible sale will be looked at in terms of our needs over the next few months.

As always, we are looking for the smoothest, safest ways to develop our new property and transition into occupying it. Change is inevitable though, and changes to our plans for change are to be expected. We’ll do our best to keep you informed as we go however, and we welcome your thoughts and questions.

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