Kyogen’s Funeral

On Sunday, September 21, morning service attracted well over 100 people (we usually have about 40-50). Kyogen did his last Shosan ceremony, with the answers in silence.

For the afternoon Memorial Ceremony, the guest book recorded more than 150 names, and best estimates were that 200 people came. The ceremony, even though none of us had ever done it before, was beautiful and meaningful. It ended in the crematorium itself with the few people who could fit in there circumambulating his coffin before it went into the fire. Many people contributed to creating the event. Those who came and contributed tears and attention contributed just as much.

Here are a few pictures of the event, taken by Choten (Denver David Robinson).

There was time at the beginning for people to view Kyogen in his coffin and pay respects.

Hogen presided over the event.

Ryushin played Taiko.

Part of the procession beginning the main part of the ceremony.

Chozen sharing Dharma Words.

Chozen takes up the brush to seal the coffin…

paints the enso on the coffin to seal it…

…and bows.

Musical Quatz (Sekishin, Genkaku, and Gemmon).

Circumambulating the coffin inside the crematorium.

Gyokuko inside the crematorium.

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