Jukai Ceremony in the Sodo!

Our annual Jukai retreat is in process this week, and will culminate in the Jukai ceremony on Sunday, when individuals receive the Bodhisattva Precepts and formally become Buddhists. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this open retreat full- or part-time. See the schedule. Please note a change, though. On Sunday after the Jukai Ceremony, we will offer tea and cookies and celebration, but no lunch, as we don’t have facilities for that this year.

We have been doing zazen and ceremonies in the new Portable Building (named Uji, because we’re here for the Time Being [see Dogen]), which has much more space than the Siskiyou House, AND it is accessible, with a ramp for those who might need it. In addition, we will be doing Sunday’s ceremony in the new Sodo, which will also be accessible. The deck from the wheelchair ramp to the front door is being actively worked on, and is expected to be finished by Sunday. From now on, all of our Sunday services will be in the Sodo on our own property.

Join us this Sunday, March 22, for zazen, and the Jukai Ceremony. Note that, in addition to the location, the schedule is different from our usual Sunday schedule.

10:30am Zazen
11:00 Lay Ordination (Jukai Ceremony)
12:00 noon Tea / Cookies / Celebrate

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