Genzo-e Sesshin

Genzo-e-1Genzo-e Sesshin, our first retreat actually on the property, was a big success. Participating were Kakumyo (presiding teacher), Jyoshin (shuso), Genko (precentor), Shin’yu (tenzo), Ko’in, Kengan, Yoan, Shokei, Doug Hull, Joe Walder, Sonja Aikens, Terry Carnahan, Kim Wood-Saldana, Kym Kline, Madeleine Mader, and Richard Schuler. The photo shows the people present at the end of retreat Saturday, after the sun had gone down. We sat outside under the canopy everyday from before dawn to after sunset, and experienced the land while watching our bodies and minds. Meals were down the street at the 85th Ave House. It was a fruitful week of practice.