Friends of Trees Add Beauty to DRZC

On Saturday, February 24, Friends of Trees did a morning work project to plant native trees and shrubs in several places on the property. Most obvious and notable were plantings around the duplexes, which are coming closer to being ready to move in to. These plantings really add to the sense of houses that would be good to live and practice in. Other planting took place on the berm and in the ravine. Those are not as obvious, but will add greatly to the property in the long term.

On the berm, native trees planted included Oregon Oak and Ash, and Hawthorne trees. Around the duplexes there are Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Daphne, and other shrubs, along with cherry and dogwood trees.

The day before, Kakumyo went out and picked up trees and shrubs to plant in readiness for Friends of Trees coming.

They set up a canopy for people to get refreshments as they worked.