Eastern Oregon Prison Groups Fired Up

On the weekend of April 20-22, Genko and Guy traveled to eastern Oregon to assist Joe Mugaku Engum in retreats and Jukai ceremonies for the two prison groups he serves: Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI) in Pendleton, and Two Rivers Correctional Institution (TRCI) in Umatilla. Genko met with all 13 Preceptees (5 at TRCI and 8 at EOCI) and gave the Precepts in ceremonies attended by many more men in those groups (~22 at TRCI, and 30+ at EOCI). Guy and Genko can see the depth of practice that is developing in both groups there.

Chant Leader Alone -This week, Mugaku e-mailed Genko asking for a pdf of the chant book. He said, “Amazingly, the TRCI group has really gotten into chanting the Heart Sutra and are interested in doing more… bows, Mugaku.”

After receiving the pdf, he reports: “I had 20 printed for TRCI… these guys are really jazzed about this. thanks! …will probably do the same for EOCI.”

Good work, Mugaku!