Dharma Rain News

P2017-0406barn-org-shelves-600Wednesday’s work party was well-attended, the sunny warm weather bringing people outdoors to work together. Work progressed on several fronts, from continued organizing of storage inside the barn to spraying orchard trees with a nutrient mix, and weeding the permaculture beds in the garden. The recent rains have made the soil soft and perfect for weeding.

In addition to fruit trees, we are seeing many other plants blossoming, including of course daffodils, forsythia, and flowering quince. And the grass is the vivid green that only seems to come in April.

We have work parties most Wednesdays, though next Wednesday, April 12, will be in the middle of Denkoe Sesshin, and so it WON’T happen on that day. Registration for meals and overnights for that sesshin is now closed, but meditation periods and ceremonies are open to all.