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Wednesday’s work party did a variety of things, including working on the Founders Shrine. We are adding trim to make it more similar in style to the Sodo, and also tightening up the building to make it more functional.

The lupine flowers, along with a lot of other plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees, are everywhere in profusion right now. Everything is green and growing. Spring has finally established itself convincingly.

We will be moving out of the Siskiyou House at the end of June, as we don’t want to renew a year-long lease. Residents will move into the 85th House as possible. If you are interested in renting the house, please contact staff for contact information for the most excellent landlord.

Wednesday Work Parties

We have work parties most Wednesdays from 9am to 3:30pm, and there is plenty of work for people to do, inside and outside, light and heavy. Come for as much or little of the time as you wish. We have tools and gloves, but if you have your own, feel free to bring them. You are welcome to join us at mid-day meditation in the zendo from 11:30am to 12:25pm. If you are around at 12:30pm, lunch is provided.

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