Building Moves Into High Gear

With Permits In Hand, Work Takes Off!

Construction crews are busy on the new property, as we have been as well. Below the foundation is being poured onto the footings established earlier. Framing will being in a few days! Click on any photo for a larger view



Below we see the foundation completed! This is looking east toward Rocky Butte.



The foundation has openings for air circulation. This is near the kitchen, looking toward the dining area and Zendo at the far end




This is looking west from the SE corner of the meditation hall. Where the foundation foundation juts in is where the entryway will be.




Just west and continuing to the north of the Zendo / Sodo we are creating bioswales that will meander across the property.


The bioswales will be lined, then soil added for planting. They will channel water run off away from footpaths and gardens, creating their own little ecosystems and allowing water to evaporate rather than run into the city storm drains.


This shot is taken close to the northern end of the property, while the Sodo is toward the south. It is facing west from the top of the Householder Refuge surcharge, looking at the pathway being formed all the way to 82nd Ave past the building in the distance.


This is the pathway close to 82nd, looking east toward Rocky Butte. There is some graffiti and trash to clean up! 


This view is from a little further along the path, still looking east from near the Asian Plaza complex.


On a beautiful day recently we see had volunteer workers from “Groundworks” help with raised garden beds going in south of the Sodo. Here some of them join us at lunch, with the shop geomat in the foreground, and raised garden beds for Madison High School in process to the right. They were also helping to widening the path down through the orchard.



The workers from “Groundworks” at lunch with Center members. We owe them a real debt of thanks.


Next, we see more raised beds in process. These are just south of the Sodo, and will be shared by the temple and the Householder Refuge.



In the last shot we are looking north along the road and parking area on a very beautiful day. The Sodo is to the right.




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