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Stages of Understanding

Sallie Jiko Tisdale
We are told that enlightenment is not a matter of stages. But we all occupy roles in our lives which reflect stages of development. How do we meet our practice through archetypal experience? In what way do we grow into an understanding that is already complete?

This talk was given on Sunday, June 16.

Opening Gates, Inviting Depth

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde

In this talk, Kakumyo explores how we allow and prevent awakening in our interactions with others, using a story from the Vimalakirti Sutra as a guide.

This talk was given Sunday, June 9.

Dharma School Skits

This last Sunday the Dharma School Students performed skits to show the sangha what they had learned from this last year. You can draw your own conclusion of what was learned from the picture above. This marked the end of the school year for Dharma School. All of the students are now looking forward to Camp! Dharma Camp 2019 will be held July 7-13 at Molalla Retreat Center. There is still time to register.

Here is a picture of our Dharma School Teachers. A big thank you to them all!

Sangha Appreciation Day

Saturday June 1, Dharma Rain held is annual Sangha Appreciation Day. This is the annual fundraiser that helps fund Dharma Rain’s operations budget. Dharma Rain would like to thank everyone who helped us reach our goal of $20,000. By reaching our goal Dharma Rain is able to keep the costs of our programs low.


Form and Practice

Genko Rainwater

As we end Ango and approach the summer, the way we practice changes for many of us. Forms are reduced and relaxed as people go on vacations, spend more time outdoors, and often less time in the zendo. Genko explores some ways that we practice with this change, the value of it, and the vague anxiety and sense of deprivation some people feel as a result of this change in the seasons. Why do we practice? What happens when practice changes?

This talk was given Sunday, May 26.

Dharma Rain News

                               Hidden Lamp Workshop Participants

This last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Sue Moon presenting a workshop on her book, Hidden Lamp. The book is filled with stories of women of the way. The workshop included some writing exercises and and opportunity to share on an important woman in your life. Thank you to Gyoshi and Daiko for helping organize this event. It was another opportunity to offer our temple to a visiting teacher.

Daoren – Home Practice

Kyri Kengan Treiman
This Sunday Kyri Kengan Trieman, who is the guiding teacher for the Daoren Circle, will talk about practice when we are away from the temple.

This talk was given Sunday, May 12.

Coming Up!

Coming up in the month of June we have two important events. First, on June 1 we have Appreciating Sangha. Second, on June 18 Genzo-e starts.

Appreciating Sangha

June 1 is the day that Dharma Rain holds its annual fundraiser. It is an afternoon of Food, Friends and Fun on our Siskiyou Campus. “Appreciating Sangha” is for everyone who has some interest in what we do here, or who knows someone who practices here.

It’s not just a fun time and a way to connect, it’s also important for the financial health and well-being of the temple. Proceeds are used to keep event prices low, and maintain our programs, and take care of our facilities and staff. Please take this opportunity to join us and celebrate.

Buying tickets in Advance is helpful for the temple to plan. You can buy tickets here or at the door. Cost: $25 per person, $50 couples or families.


Each summer we take a week and study a fascicle of Dogen’s Shobogenzo. This year we are working with the fascicle entitled, “Shin Fukatoku” (“The Mind Cannot be Grasped.)”

The sesshin is open, so you can register for the days that you able. Kyogen used to say that sesshin is the heart of our practice. Please consider joining Dharma Rain for this week of practice.

You can get more information and register on our website.

Wednesday Work Parties

Dharma Rain hosts regular Wednesday work parties from around 9am to 3:30pm. There is plenty of work for people to do, inside and outside, light and heavy. Come for as much or as little of the time as you wish. We have tools and gloves, but if you have your own, feel free to bring them. We have a mid-day sit from 11:30am to 12:25pm. If you are around at 12:30pm, we feed you lunch.

Who Are We?

Kakumyo Lowe-Charde
We put a lot of effort in our Zen Practice into examining who we are. Kakumyo speaks to the balance of knowing who we are, and still being curious to seeing new parts of ourselves.

This talk was given Sunday, May 12.


Buddhists around the world traditionally celebrate the birth of the Buddha in the spring. Our celebration here at Dharma Rain this year is this coming Sunday. The children’s sangha decorates a bower for the baby Buddha to stand in, and then during morning service we all process together and pour sweet tea over the Buddha’s head. Come join us for something different.

Join us this Sunday, May 5, for zazen, sanzen and the Wesak Celebration. Genko and Jyoshin offer sanzen.

8:30am Zazen
9:00 Kinhin (walking meditation, with optional sanzen)
9:10 Zazen
9:40 Short Morning Service
10:00 Break and set-up
10:30 Wesak Ceremony and Celebration
11:45 Informal Community Lunch – All invited.