Householder Refuge Helps Supply Infrastructure for the Siskiyou Property



Forty three members of Siskiyou Householder Refuge (HHR) have committed to and invested in the Siskiyou co-housing project. Part of this investment is paying for the infrastructure work on in progress, including storm water and bioswale development and bringing in utilities. This work is also an inspiration to others who may want to form a similar community, including other Buddhist groups. They have shown the courage to try something new and to commit themselves and their resources to making this happen.

At the temple site, the Sodo, the meditation hall with kitchen, bath, and dining area is being constructed. The HHR will be built by the same general contractor, B&G Builders. Michael Howells is the architect for the Dharma Rain Zen Center (DRZC) buildings. Schemata Workshop, with Grace Kim, lead architect, and Peggy Heim, assistant, is the architect for the HHR.

The property is now a construction zone. The construction trailer is just inside the gate on 85th. During the week, there will usually be equipment and workers active. Check in at that trailer before visiting work areas. The project manager on site for B&G Builders is Art Cheek. Talk with him. You may need to put on a safety vest and hard hat, both furnished by our builder.

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This ditch and the teal-colored pipes are a part of the storm-water control system. The aim is to keep water from soaking into the site and have it routed to the south east corner of the property where dry wells will be dug to allow the water to soak into the ground.


Gant Enderle, head of B&G Builders, talks with Josh of Point Plumbing about sewer and water pipes for the Sodo.



Tongue and groove plywood is nailed into place at the Sodo.


Walls are expected to go up next week.


Work on the trail from 82nd continues.  This will provide access to the property for bicycles and foot traffic.

6 September, Saturday 10 a.m.. There will be a tour of the property starting at the B&G Builders’ construction trailer. Several people who are interested in the possibilities of joining this community will attend. You are encouraged to come out and meet them as well as seeing the progress that has been made. Parking will be inside the gate on the gravel road.

10 September, Wednesday 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.. There will be a small work party. Kakumyo will be leading a tree-cutting team. They will be clearing along Siskiyou in preparation for the street upgrade. Others will be working on taking buckets of chips to trees and shrubs that are planted around the site. We may also do some tree watering. Join us if you have any time that day. I don’t think lunch will be provided. You don’t have to stay the entire time.

21 September, Sunday 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.. HHR Meeting. The Garden Team will be conducting this meeting. The location will be sent out later. We seem to have outgrown the usual locations. The team is looking into larger spaces. A potluck will follow the meeting. You can help plan the gardens, learn what has been done and prepare for actual growing plants in the spring.

18 October, Saturday 6:30 p.m.. Out-of-towner’s Meeting at Siskiyou House, 3105 NE 84th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. This will be a social gathering to involve people who are currently living outside of Portland and can’t participate in work and activities on site. It will be a potluck so bring a favorite dish to share. Others are welcome to come and meet the community and talk with Members.

19 October, Sunday 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.. HHR Meeting. More will be sent about this meeting.

The “Relaxed Summer Schedule” is over! It is important that we all take part in and be aware of this community and the work that is going on.


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