Being Flexible, Keeping Commitments

Gyokuko Carlson

Gyokuko Carlson

Zazen teaches us to let go of thoughts feelings and distractions that interfere with being present and aware of this very moment. Some of the commitments we make in our everyday lives – marriage, children, jobs, friendships – require us to stay engaged focused and even tenacious. What does zazen teach us about dealing with keeping those commitments? How can we cope with the inevitable glitches that interrupt our intentions?

Join us this Sunday, September 11, for zazen, sanzen and Gyokuko’s Dharma Talk. Gyokuko and Genko offer sanzen.

8:30am Zazen (with optional sanzen)
9:00 Kinhin (walking meditation)
9:10 Zazen
9:40 Full Morning Service
10:10 Break/Announcements
10:30 Being Flexible, Keeping Commitments

Sunday Barbecues – Transition to Lunch

lunch2As the weather turns cooler, we find that we have so enjoyed that lovely barbecue social time after morning services that we will continue to offer Sunday lunch to all. Feel free to hang around after the Sunday Dharma Talk for lunch at about 11:45am (yes! no waiting for grilling). You are welcome to bring something vegetarian, a side dish, snack or drink, or just yourself.

Enjoy the company of sangha and the natural beauty of this property in a relaxed, informal setting.

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