Barnraising! at Siskiyou Square

P0402-2nd-arch-scissorlift-600This last Saturday, April 2, something like 100 people showed up for a good old-fashioned barnraising, as we worked on the new workshop. The weather was perfect, and though we had more trouble than anticipated getting up the first arch and keeping it up, we recovered on the second by getting a scissorlift to provide support, and the third was easier yet. Each arch had to be pre-assembled (pieces bolted together), then bolted down to the base and to the arch before it, all the while being supported and stabilized from different angles to make sure everything stayed where it was supposed to.

P0402-dancing-600An old-time music group, the Double File String Band, with a caller, led dancers in the late afternoon to lively tunes, while others continued to work, both on the workshop and in the kitchen, and then we had a barbecue that couldn’t be beat, with all the traditional (vegetarian) barbecue fare, yummy salads, baked beans, brownies, strawberries, and whipped cream.

141-bottom-9th-archPeople continued working until dusk, with maybe half of the workshop arches up at this point. We also continued to put arches together, and that continued after the party as well. They will all stay there until after we do what we need to do to get our occupancy permit, and then we will likely have another work party, though not as extensive as this one. It certainly couldn’t be more fun. Everyone had a wonderful time.

In addition to regular Wednesday work parties (~9:30am-4pm), we can use help from all volunteers anytime that we’re on schedule and not on retreat. We have several wonderful volunteers who come regularly on Wednesdays and other times. Just let Ikuo [ikuohull at] know beforehand so we can count you in for lunch. Zazen is in the Sodo from 11:30am to 12:25pm, with lunch served at the Sodo at 12:30.

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