Back to Jason Lee Elementary!

Good news! The Sodo will be getting a big makeover (on the inside) for four weeks right after Kyogen’s Memorial. And so we will move Sunday Services back to Jason Lee beginning September 27 until Segaki Festival on October 25. During that time, a number of essential interior work projects will be done, including walls and floors. This will make it possible to have lights and heat, likely temporary at first, but they will be there.

The challenge, as those of us who were at Jason Lee last year will remember, is that every Sunday we will have to set up the zendo entirely (plus two sanzen rooms), and then pack it away again into the trailer. This means that we are asking everyone possible to meet us at Jason Lee Elementary starting at 7:45am on those Sunday mornings to help set up. We have even less time to take down, and mostly people are good about staying after to put away things. We got this drill down really well last year; let’s see how much we remember about it.

Also, on Sunday, September 20, we will need pack things up into the trailer to get them out of the construction zone and ready to take to Jason Lee the following Sunday. Plan to stay afterwards a little longer than usual in order to accomplish this.

The other challenge is moving all other events besides Sunday services out of the Sodo and into Uji and the two rental houses. Much of that planning has been done. Please keep checking the schedule to see where things are.

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