Month: March 2018

April 16-22 marks our annual Denkoe Sesshin, where we study a fascicle from the Denkoroku, Keizan’s study of transmission stories of ancestors from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha to Koun Ejo. This is a way of honoring and learning from our ancestors. Registration is required by April 12 for meals and overnights, though zazen and… Read more »

We all have high expectations. In the workplace, in our social lives, in our Zen practice. The idea that we ourselves or others in whom we are invested can meet those expectations often creates anxiety when the idea comes up against reality. Come share your thoughts as Gyokuko shares some of hers. This talk was… Read more »

Come help paint trim tomorrow! We are inviting everyone to come to a trim-painting party tomorrow from 9am to 3pm. Kakumyo has been working with plumbers, electricians and handymen to get the duplexes up to speed. Two units now have electricity hooked up, with lights and heat that works. The unit shown (with the front… Read more »

Genko looks at how the Three Refuges (also called the Three Jewels or Three Treasures) can provide a place of safety and support for us in our practice. What is refuge? What is safety? How do we work with these in our lives? This talk was given Sunday, March 25.

The push is on to get the duplexes ready. Here, Pacific Power hooks up electricity (though it’s still not on inside the buildings) in preparation for the electricians to come in next week to finish the inside. A plumbing inspection yesterday allows us to begin covering walls in the south building. The north building is… Read more »

On Saturday, March 17, lots of people turned out to work on the duplexes, on landscaping, and gardening. We got a lot done in the way of preparation for painting, some painting in the afternoon, texturing the first unit, spreading gravel and dirt outside, weeding, and other tasks. In addition, this was the day that… Read more »

Kakumyo looks at how we work with well-established karma and confusion. He consults the Samanaphala Sutra for help. This talk was given Sunday, March 18.

The plumbers have been working extra time and extra hard, and so has Kakumyo. We’ve passed one plumbing inspection, which allows sheetrock and texturing to finish in the north building, and have one more to proceed with the south building. Residents are planning to move in the first week of April. We’re on track to… Read more »

What is the role of study in Zen? We have inherited a tradition “without dependence on words and letters,” and yet books and stories are key parts of our life of practice. How do we balance intellectual work and learning with a focus on meditation and daily activity? This talk was given Sunday, March 11.

Spring is coming in fits and starts, as is usual with March, one day sunny, the next stormy, windy, and rainy. Several flowering plants are blooming – here are rosemary, forsythia, and plum trees. Frogs and birds are singing, geese are flying, and ducks are on the ponds. It will be a while before we… Read more »

Stepping up wholeheartedly. Jumping in with both feet. Being ordained into your life. We have many ways to talk about authenticity, transparency, and integrity in practice. This Sunday, Jyoshin will talk about putting our whole lives on the altar and practicing under the Buddha’s gaze. This talk was given on Sunday, March 4. Unfortunately, the… Read more »

Lots of Jukai Ceremonies: In addition to the 14 people who took the Precepts here at DRZC almost two weeks ago, several people have taken or will soon take the Precepts in our various prison sanghas. Genko gave Precepts to 6 women at Coffee Creek; Gyoshi gave Precepts to 5 men at Oregon State Penitentiary;… Read more »

The introduction to the Safe Environment Policy says that “Dharma Rain Zen Center (DRZC) affirms that all children, youth and vulnerable adults have the right to pursue spiritual practice in a safe environment. Therefore, DRZC is committed to providing an environment in which these individuals are safe from abuse and neglect, and can receive support… Read more »

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