February 2018 Archives

Jukai Ceremony – Lay Ordination

This Sunday culminates several weeks of study and one week of retreat for those taking the Precepts in our annual Jukai Ceremony. The retreat is in full swing, leading up to the ceremony on Sunday, when individuals receive the Bodhisattva Precepts and formally become Buddhists. Please come to witness this important event in the growth […]

Dharma Rain News

We are in the middle of Jukai Sesshin, and you are welcome to join in for any part of it except meals. See the schedule to find out when you can slip in and partake of this container of practice. (The Sunday early morning schedule may change.) During February we have seen some beautiful sunsets […]

Awe, Insight, Immediacy

As the stream of life flows through awareness, some moments stand out as being more meaningful, impactful, or important. We may assume that it’s because of the content of what we’re aware of, but usually, it’s not. How do we cultivate experiences of awe, insight and immediacy in our daily life? This talk was given […]

Dharma Rain News

The successful Feldenkrais workshop attracted a mix of people, members and non-members of Dharma Rain, who found it valuable for increasing range of motion and overall physical health. It was gentle enough that everyone was able to work to their own capacity. If there is interest, we may offer the workshop again. The photo shows […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Dharma Garden and Prison Sangha

Thank you to the 88 members who completed our recent diversity, equity, and inclusion survey. Now we turn our attention to surveying Dharma Garden families (Dharma School, Dharma Camp, and Frog Song Preschool), and members of our Prison Sangha in seven correctional facilities across the state. Findings from all three surveys will be included in […]


On Sunday, February 4, we celebrated our annual Nehan ceremony, commemorating the Buddha’s passing into parinirvana. Jyoshin’s talk reflected on the teachings of the death of the Buddha and explored its significance for those of us practicing the Buddha’s path 2600 years later. How do we relate to these teachings? What is applicable for modern […]

Fifth-Graders Field Trip to DRZC

On Friday, February 2, a fifth-grade class from Cedarwood Waldorf school came to do a field trip to DRZC to work in the orchard and also to spend some time in the zendo learning about Buddhism. Afterwards, their teacher sent an e-mail and attached photos. Thank you all so much for yesterday’s visit to Dharma […]