July 2017 Archives

What We Remember

Memory is unpredictable. Certain events remain vivid; others fade away. Many of us will lose memories as we age. What is it in our practice that is remembered, no matter what? How do we retain wisdom even in forgetfulness? This talk was given Sunday, July 30.

Dharma Rain News

We are in high summer, and this time of year, morning and evening light comes from the north, bathing the north side of the Sodo in a beautiful glow. This week work continues on the duplexes, getting them ready to lower on to the foundations soon. Tai’an shows one aspect of “exploratory demo.” The garden […]

Sacristan at Work

We have a sacristy team that works hard to keep our altars looking beautiful and clean. Here Sarah arranges flowers she has found on the property in different arrangements for different places.

Just About Time

Genko tackles the topic of Time: what is it? how do we work with it? some of the many aspects of time as something that exists, or maybe not. Are we moving forward? What about developmental stages? What about how much time we’ve had in practice? And of course, Dogen’s fascicle, “Uji,” addressing existence-time, has […]

Dharma Rain News

This week work continues on the duplexes, getting them ready to lower on to the foundations next week. We have finished underfloor framing and done a fair amount of necessary demolition as well as some preliminary utilities preparation. As of today, we’ve also cleaned out almost all of the debris from inside the units and […]

Trees, Rocks and Compost Piles Speak the Dharma

Drawing upon Dogen’s “Teachings of the Inanimate,” Seido talked about Buddhism’s approach to our conflicted relationship with the natural world and how the nondual leaps beyond false divisions. Where does nature begin and end? Where does sentience begin and end? This subject welcomes our direct experience in the natural world, our heartfelt concern for the […]

Temperance, Zeal, and Joy

Three of the aspects of the Enlightened Mind are not achieved through will, intention and rational thought, and yet they are not achieved without good will, good intentions and clear reasoning. Gyokuko will play with the interplay during her Dharma Talk this Sunday. This talk was given Sunday, July 9.

Dharma Rain News

Work continues on the duplexes. Gary is tearing out parts of a wall. Phyllis and Nancy are sweeping up the debris. In the process, they discovered an apparently-abandoned nest inside a light fixture. We don’t know for sure what kind of bird left it there. In addition, the garden is beginning to produce food for […]