May 2017 Archives

Devotion to Ango

Kakumyo will talk about the closing of term, the power of intention, and the fraility of intention and how they might relate to each other. This talk was given Sunday, May 28.

Dharma Rain News

Anraku works in the garden as part of a regular Wednesday work party. Work also got done on the Founders Shrine. We have work parties most Wednesdays from 9am to 3:30pm, and there is plenty of work for people to do, inside and outside, light and heavy. Come for as much or little of the […]

Manseong’s No Cultivation

At the center of this Sunday’s Dharma Talk will be a twentieth century Korean koan from The Hidden Lamp collection entitled “Manseong’s No Cultivation.” Bukkai will respond to the material and offer her thoughts on related teachings. One day a nun asked Manseong Sunim, “How do I cultivate the Way of the Buddha?” “No cultivation,” […]

Dharma Rain News

Wednesday’s work party did a variety of things, including working on the Founders Shrine. We are adding trim to make it more similar in style to the Sodo, and also tightening up the building to make it more functional. The lupine flowers, along with a lot of other plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees, are everywhere […]

Take Away the Staff

When we begin to practice, we feel a sense of hope and promise. In time, this fades and we feel disappointment again. What does it mean to let go of our expectations and hopes, and really fall into this disappointment? How do we practice when our supports are taken away, one by one? This talk […]

Dharma Rain News

This week’s work party moved items from the garages at Siskiyou House and 85th House to the barn and Conex and continued organizing them. Also did a lot of gardening and landscaping. We will be moving out of the Siskiyou House (corner of 84th and Siskiyou Street, with a great view of the property) at […]

Wesak! Festival of Buddha’s Birth

Wesak is the festival of Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth and is a very precious time when the entire sangha – adults and kids, parents and those without children – celebrate together. For the Wesak ceremony, a bower built over a statue of the baby buddha placed in front of the main altar. The statue depicts the […]

Dharma Rain News

Painting the Barn and Conex This week’s nice weather has allowed us (finally!) to finish painting the outside of the barn and the Conex. Zonnyo stands on top of the Conex (Natalie also assisted with the top); Joel works on the front of the barn, and Yoan paints the front of the Conex (also assisted […]