Month: April 2017

Pilgrimage has been a part of Buddhism since the very beginning. In this student talk, Tsuho discussed his travels to Japan and India and how we can use place as a method for practice. This talk was given Sunday, April 30.

On April 7, six new Lay Disciples were ordained with their teachers Kakumyo and Jiko. They received rakusus and a new Dharma Name. The photo shows the ordinees approaching the altar in the back of the hall. From left are Eric Kosen Johnson, Stacy Zonnyo Riger, Richard Hanshin Schuler, Harry Ban’an Hesselgesser, Jane Myoho Endacott,… Read more »

Kaishin’s student talk focuses on the mandala model that informs our organizational structure. The mandala comes to us from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which is distinct in key ways from Zen. Within the Tibetan tradition the mandala provides a conceptual model for the energetic and inter-dependent underpinning of the human psyche. Kaishin considers a few… Read more »

Kakumyo Ratified as Abbot Voting closed March 22nd in the Abbot ratification process for Kakumyo and here are the results: 154 ballots were sent out to sangha members, and we got 85 responses (a 56% return rate) with 100% yes votes. The Board meets tonight to determine next steps, but barring impediments, his installation as… Read more »

Sometimes it can be hard to receive a significant gift graciously. We squirm, we deflect, we point out pitfalls, we imagine inadequacies, both in the gift, and in our worthiness. The teachings of the third turning of the wheel that describe our buddha nature, are one of these significant gifts. Kakumyo explores this symptom and… Read more »

Twice a year, the sangha has an opportunity to hear from our governing bodies, to ask questions and give feedback. The spring forum is sponsored by the Dharma Council. Some topics we will cover will be an overview of Dharma Council structure, the Leadership Development Team and how it fits in with the rest of… Read more »

Gyokuko works with the image of an eclipse, particularly at the stage of totality. As we find what is ours to do, searching for wholeness, we need to align both spatially and temporally in order to actualize it. This talk was given Sunday, April 9.

Wednesday’s work party was well-attended, the sunny warm weather bringing people outdoors to work together. Work progressed on several fronts, from continued organizing of storage inside the barn to spraying orchard trees with a nutrient mix, and weeding the permaculture beds in the garden. The recent rains have made the soil soft and perfect for… Read more »

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