Month: August 2015

When Cecil the lion was killed recently, there was an outcry around the world. Why are we sometimes able to feel compassion for a creature so distant from our daily lives? Why are we sometimes unable to summon up compassion for our next-door neighbor? This talk will explore how a widening circle of compassion grows… Read more »

A Theravadin teaching talks of four stages in the path to Nirvana: stream-enterer, once-returner, non-returner, and arhat. Even though we don’t usually talk about the path this way in Zen, there is some value in looking at this very old teaching as it relates to our practice. What sign posts can we find on the… Read more »

This Saturday, August 15th, is the enrollment deadline for the 2015-2016 Dharma School program. Dharma School is for children and young people ages 3-18 who are interested in Buddhism or who come from Buddhist homes. It meets roughly every other Sunday from September to June. Registration information can be found online. E-mail the steering committee… Read more »

At long last, the work to widen Siskiyou Street between 84th and NE Fremont has begun. Plans were submitted over two years ago, and we’re just now finally, fully checked off and cleared for takeoff. Yesterday the fence and vegetation along the street was removed, and it looks very different now. That stretch of Siskiyou… Read more »

Buddha saw that attachment led to suffering, and taught equanimity as an antidote. He was deeply committed to this effort. It’s easy to lose the deep commitment when we’re trying to lose the attachment. On Sunday we’ll look at how we relate to and practice equanimity, and how the likely mistakes and appropriate corrections look… Read more »

Work practice for last week’s sesshin included putting irrigation pipes into the trenches dug the previous weekend. These connect with new standpipes that will make it much easier to water the gardens. Yesterday’s work party saw 20 people from Great Vow Zen Monastery come out to tour and then contribute labor to the property. One… Read more »

The Eihei Shingi, rules for the monastery at Eiheiji formulated by Dogen centuries ago, outlines six temple officers. We follow Dogen’s example, with some modifications. Gyokuko emphasizes the interconnected web of respect and responsibility that makes it all work here for us. Come and find out something about Dharma Rain’s unique flavor. This talk was… Read more »

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