Month: March 2015

On Sunday, March 29, Seido celebrated inhabiting the new Sodo with the sangha and explored the question of what it means to live into one’s practice, into one’s life fully. Using Dogen’s writing on “Twining Vines” that includes the story of Bodhidharma’s transmission to his students, the talk both celebrated the sangha’s activity on the… Read more »

During last week’s retreat, we were able to sit in Uji, the portable double-wide on the land. It was sweet to sit with the frogs’ chorus after dark and in the early morning. The photo shows the building, and in the foreground the lamp poles for the street lights. The concrete mounting posts for those… Read more »

More than 70 people enthusiastically welcomed 5 new lay Buddhists as we celebrated our first Sunday services in the new Sodo. The building is unfinished with no electricity or water yet, but it is wheelchair accessible, and it’s ours. Preceptees (back row, left to right) are Randall Filbert, Sally Tomlinson, Kelly Klooster-McCombs, Arjuna James Badgley,… Read more »

Our annual Jukai retreat is in process this week, and will culminate in the Jukai ceremony on Sunday, when individuals receive the Bodhisattva Precepts and formally become Buddhists. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this open retreat full- or part-time. See the schedule. Please note a change, though. On Sunday after the Jukai Ceremony,… Read more »

In Buddhism, the teachings are given freely because they are considered priceless. In the Buddhist tradition we also practice “dana” – or generosity – by making monetary offerings. Dana is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is given from the heart. Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teachers, but… Read more »

As part of the Jukai sesshin, we have been able to do a lot of work on the property. Some of the work on the Sodo has been to get it ready for Jukai ceremony on Sunday. Painting the subfloor should make it easier to clean so we can spread mats and cushions for zazen.… Read more »

In preparation for our Jukai ceremony on March 22nd, Shintai offered a Dharma talk about practicing with the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts during different stages of practice. For those participating in Jukai, it was a time to consider the significance of making this public vow. For those who have already made this vow, it was a… Read more »

The Daoren met in mid-February for a workshop and painted Bodhidharma images. Here’s what they ended up with. Pictured are Linda Hoka Bebernes, Thomas Koshin Bruner, Jonathan Crighton, Ole Chisho Riise, Kevin Geoffrey, Jennifer Jiteki Freda-Cowie, and Kimberly Woods-Saldana.

Karen Sokyo Swallow has a show up at the Walters Gallery, 527 East Main Street in Hillsboro. The show will remain until March 23. This collection of scrolls explores the thematic symbol of the waterfall through the media of sumi ink, rice paper, beeswax encaustic, and calligraphy. Sokyo’s work reflects the significant influence of eastern… Read more »

Sallie Jiko Tisdale[/caption]The first precept we learn is “Cease from evil.” If Buddhism teaches us not to make dualistic concepts, why does it set up the pair of good and evil? What is evil in Buddhism? What does it mean to cease from it? This challenging word pushes us to explore many aspects of behavior,… Read more »

Yesterday’s work party produced multiple benefits from the work of more than 15 wonderful volunteers. We are clearing out Short-Term storage and beginning to set up spaces in the portable building. Above, you can see shelves and boxes ready to set up the library so you can have access to all those wonderful Dharma books… Read more »

Doug Fir, the Dharma School high school group, spent the night in a cabin on Mt Hood last Saturday. We hiked, played games, watched a movie, ate as much as we possibly could and had a lively discussion on happiness on Sunday morning. We had a great time!

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