Month: November 2014

Shin’ei endeavors to reacquaint us with depth in the arts, to encourage us to look with different eyes. She speaks to the rediscovery of soul in Buddhism and American culture by way of Karma: a rich, colorful, and creative source. This talk was given on Sunday, November 23.

The new doors on the east end (from the zendo going out onto what will be the engawa, looking toward Rocky Butte) and north entrance to the Sodo. The east side doors have boards holding them closed for now. Elsewhere, all of the concrete for the curbs have been poured. Roofing material has been delivered,… Read more »

by Kyogen Carlson Editor’s Note: This is an edited transcription of the first talk given after we moved from the southeast Madison St location to meeting at the Jason Lee Elementary School cafeteria June 15, 2014. Kyogen died suddenly September 18, 2014. Transcribed by Jeff Stookey, and edited by Genko Rainwater. We have many people… Read more »

Kate Wolf sang, “Give yourself to love, if love is what you’re after.” Why is it so hard to give ourselves to each other? What holds us back from real intimacy? As individuals and as a community, we carry many patterns of fear and withdrawal, but we also have the opportunity to see and be… Read more »

The plastic cover was laid out to cover the planter box just inside the gate on NE 85th. Then concrete was poured into the bottom of it. Storm water from the oak savannah and from the roadway will be directed into this concrete catchment. From the planter box, storm water will be allowed to settle… Read more »

This is a summary describing the month’s work of the temple’s three major decision-making bodies. A governance notebook with approved minutes is filed in the temple office. A list of current Council members and areas of concern, individual charges to leadership and temple job positions are listed on the temple website. The Intercouncil Mandala Review… Read more »

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