2000 Trees at Siskiyou Square!

Dharma Rain, Portland Friends of Trees, students from Concordia University and Madison High School, and Neighborhood Families Plant Trees and Shrubs

On Saturday February 22nd, between 70 and 80 people joined forces to plant native species trees and shrubs in the ravine at the Siskiyou Square site of our new temple and cohousing development. This area, about 1/3 of the total,  is being restored to native habitat with grants, including a major one from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. All photos by Kyogen Carlson, unless attributed to Ken Barker. Click on any image to a larger view

01a-ducks <–Early01b-signing-in on the ducks were very happy – photo by Ken Barker

Signing in with Friends of Trees — with Doug Hull,
Jyoshin Clay and Andrea Gyokuko Carlson. –>


02-getting-atached-to-the-place  <– Getting05a-preparing-to-plant attached to the place

Instructions on planting – Photo by Ken Barker — >







03-near-bioswale-pond  <–Working04a-ravine-looking-south near the large bioswale

In the ravine, looking south  –>




16c-more  <– Satisfied04b-ravine-looking-south volunteers – photo by Ken Barker

Friends of Trees and Portland Tribune workers – photo by Ken Barker –>







05b-preparing-to-plant  <–Volunteers06-preparing-to-plant from Concordia University

Preparing to plant –>




07-planting  <–Planting08b-planting

Sort of helping – photo by Ken Barker –>




08a-choosing-plants  <–Selecting plants09-digging

Digging the hole — with Steve Tai’an Blackwood and Gay Lewis. ->




10-planting  <–Planting the tree11-done — with Steve Tai’an Blackwood and Gay Lewis.

Done — with Steve Tai’an Blackwood and Gay Lewis. –>




12-near-SE-corner <–13-ravine-looking-northLooking towards the SE corner of the property with FoT volunteers

Ravine, looking north –>




14-looking-south  <–15-moreMore volunteers

More volunteers –>




16a-more  <–16b-moreMore volunteers

Planting a shrub — with Gary Oshiro. –>




17a-media  <– Kakumyo Lowe-Charde with media




Heading for lunch — with Diana Shin’yu and Karen Swallow ->


18b-families-volunteer <–Neighborhood families help out




Lunch gathering –>





18a-NF-volunteers <–20-Red-TailCity commissioner Nick Fish talks with student volunteers

Our resident red tail hawk keeping an eye on us –>

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