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Good Friends

The Buddha told us to find good friends, and keep them close. What does this mean to a person of practice? How do we manage relationships? What is intimacy and companionship on the Path? This talk was given Sunday, January 27.

Dharma Rain News

We now have two new residents, Mike and Josei. They will be here for a month. Fujaku arrives February 10. Other new residents will be coming in soon. Current residents are Jyoshin, Genko, Shin’yu, Ember, Kevin, Mike, and Josei. We’re glad you’re here! Wednesday Work Parties Dharma Rain hosts regular Wednesday work parties from around […]

Weaving Precepts and Nehan

Both Shakyamuni Buddha and Eihei Dogen gave their last dharma teaching on the same topic. We’ll look at this teaching, a description of the marks of practice, and why both teachers felt it was so important for their students to remember. This talk was given Sunday, January 20.

Dharma Rain News

On Sunday, January 13, Dharma School students, teachers and parents surprised Gyokuko, arriving at her back door to sing Dharma School songs and offer flowers. A small way to say “Thank you for Dharma School!” Wednesday’s work party brought out several people who braved the windy and cold, but mostly dry weather to do winter […]

Lineage Stories

It’s a time of year when we look forward and back, and we can look to our lineage ancestors to provide us with inspiration for the future. Genko talks about the many ways we share stories and how that practice creates, maintains, and continues to build Sangha for all of us. This talk was given […]

Dharma Rain News

At yesterday’s work party, one of the tasks was to take down a tree that was in danger of falling. Here Kakumyo leads a crew in pulling it down. Wednesday Work Parties Dharma Rain hosts regular Wednesday work parties from around 9am to 3:30pm. There is plenty of work for people to do, inside and […]

Gyokuko’s Party

More than 150 people showed up to wish Gyokuko (in gold kesa, center) well on her retirement. The group photo shows a portion of those who gathered for a photo after the ceremony. The ceremony was brief and dignified, and after that everyone in the hall got to say thanks in whatever way they wished […]

New Stewardship Document Available

A new document looks at the history and current status of property development by Dharma Rain Zen Center at our Siskiyou property, with a particular focus on environmental stewardship. Special thanks to Kaishin for her advocacy and her work helping to create this document.

Gyokuko’s Retirement Ceremony

On Sunday, January 6, Gyokuko will officially retire as co-abbot of Dharma Rain Zen Center after more than four decades of service. She and her husband Kyogen co-founded Dharma Rain Zen Center in 1974. A special ceremony will mark the occasion of her retirement formally, in place of the Dharma Talk, and a party following […]

Dharma Rain News

Garden volunteers agree: this is the best time of year to weed the garden – the weeds come out so easily, unlike late spring and summer. Here a couple of the garden beds have been weeded and given compost, with more processing to go to get them through the winter and set up for spring. […]