December 2018 Archives

New Year’s Eve

Though the temple is closed for two weeks, our annual joint New Year’s Eve celebration with Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple is here this year. Join us here at the Sodo for a different and wonderful way to ring in the new year. We begin with a vegetarian potluck at 7pm, and move into sacred […]

Dharma Rain News – Bluebirds

Since mid-November, we’ve been visited by many birders looking to spot the eastern bluebird, as there have been many sightings on our property and in surrounding areas. According to Wikipedia, the eastern bluebird (Sialia sialis) is a small thrush found in open woodlands, farmlands, and orchards. It is the state bird of Missouri and New […]

Transition of Winter Solstice

Jyoshin speaks of the need for honoring deep winter by taking some down time. We close down the temple for two weeks partly as a way of following the direction of the earth in resting in the darkness and the cold. This talk was given Sunday, December 16.

Practicing with Brightness

Ko’in explores Dogen’s Komyo (Brightness), Koun Ejo’s Komyozo Zanmai (Treasury of Luminosity) and how she has been practicing with brightness and these teachings in this student talk. This Sunday is the end of Rohatsu, and the end of fall Ango. We’re flashing back to an earlier time, when we traditionally ended Rohatsu with a special […]

Dharma Rain News

We are on Rohatsu Sesshin this week. Annen shared this beautiful image of the crescent moon and the morning star over the Sodo on Monday, December 3. She points out that we are blessed to practice in this beautiful place. In other news, the 2018 Annual Report is now available for your perusal on the web […]