Month: December 2017

On December 31, we will have our annual New Year’s Eve celebration. It is a longstanding tradition in our Sanghas to come together in fellowship and practice, as the world turns another year. Join us for an evening of intention, awareness and presence. The evening begins festively at 7pm with a vegetarian potluck and sacred… Read more »

We just got a piece of unexpected information. The dormitories (duplexes) were once part of Columbia Villa, a 1943 post-war housing project, one of the first public housing complexes on the west coast. Interesting. We found these historical photos, including one of the building under construction.

Madison High School offered the first semester-long for-credit mindfulness course in public high schools in Portland, now in seven schools in the Portland Public School district. At the end of their coursework, the students come to Dharma Rain to put their skills into practice for four hours in a space dedicated to practice. The executive… Read more »

On January 7, Annen will be installed as our new shuso. The shuso (also known as the Chief Junior) sits near the abbots at the front on the hall, and during her/his term of service is responsible for many of the logistical aspects of meditation periods, retreats, forms, and work practice. S/he also walks kentan… Read more »

In the ordination ceremony, we say, ‘I have changed my form, but kept my wish.’ What does this mean? We carry many wishes into our practice, and the innermost wish is revealed only over time. We each have a gift as well as a wish, and central to our practice is finding a way for… Read more »

This week is quiet, with few practice events, and cold weather making it more difficult for volunteers to come out. We are winding down to being closed the next two weeks for staff to rest, vacation, and get caught up. We still have Sunday morning program this Sunday, December 17. After that, beginning December 18,… Read more »

The current shuso, Valerie Kaishin Kelly, will take her “final exam,” presenting a verse and answering questions from teachers and sangha members. Come help “prod the loaf” to see whether she’s done. This will take the place of the usual Dharma Talk. Join us this Sunday, December 10, for zazen, sanzen, service, and Shuso Hossen.… Read more »

This week we are in Rohatsu sesshin. See the schedule for times when you can join us for zazen, services, and Dharma Talks. You are also welcome to come join in work practice time at 9:20am on Saturday. Wednesday Work Parties We have regular Wednesday and Thursday work parties from around 9am to 3:30pm. There… Read more »

As we prepare to begin Rohatsu sesshin, Jyoshin examines what we are celebrating this week and why we do what we do. Join us this Sunday, December 3, for zazen, sanzen, service, and Jyoshin’s Dharma Talk. Jyoshin and Fumyo offer sanzen. 8:30am Zazen (with optional sanzen) 9:00 Kinhin (walking meditation) 9:40 Full Morning Service 10:10… Read more »

We continue to work hard on the duplexes. Kakumyo looks for a tool for Sherman, one of the many volunteers who came out on a beautiful sunny Wednesday to work on the buildings. Once again we’ve put out the sock bucket to collect warm dry socks for people in need in Portland. Sponsored by the… Read more »

As part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion process, all members are being asked to complete a survey about our experiences and perceptions regarding these topics at Dharma Rain. If you are a member and haven’t yet done so, please take 10 minutes to complete this survey, including the demographic questions about yourself. Knowing who… Read more »

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